How I learned to simplify colors at home + in life


Hi friends, how is it going? Do any of you ever obsess about finding ‘the perfect color(s)?’ It could be anything from your nails/lip color, to your wardrobe palette, to your kitchen ware or maybe even your bathroom theme. I don’t know about you but I sure do. When it comes to color coding and matching I feel like everything has to be perfect. I literally won’t let it go until my stuff matches perfectly. It’s very stressful and satisfying at the same time (or at least it used to be). I found a few simple solutions in areas where I struggled the most to have the perfect combination of colors, here are my tips + findings:

1. What is your favorite color? On top of all the tips I’m going to share, this is the most important one. Deciding on your favorite color already gives you a head start because you know what to work with. I never took this point into consideration before my simplifying journey and that contributed to the chaos of having everything look mismatched and untidy. As I slowly grew to know which colors I loved most and wanted to surround myself with, it made the simplification process much easier.

2. What color are your devices + electronics? I honestly never really cared that much about the color of my electronics. Not until I started taking minimalism seriously. As I got rid of more things, the few essential things that I was left with literally drove me mad because I felt like all my stuff had to match (to look pretty and neat). I found that even though it wasn’t much stuff it looked a bit distorted to me because the colors weren’t going together. The simple solution that I found for this was to have all/most of my devices in the color black. Yes, as my household appliances broke down and rendered useless I began replacing them with the same counterparts but in black color. Disclaimer: it doesn’t have to be black, white is great too. It just dawned on me how easy it is to find electronics in black. Much easier than trying to find red, green or orange (which are also usually in different shades). And even if my appliance isn’t completely black I can always find a case or cover that is black to dress it with. For example I did this with my iPad and iPhone and most of my kitchen appliances. It’s so satisfying to see everything in a uniform color.

A good rule of thumb that I always follow to keep things looking simple, neat and tidy:

When in doubt, choose it in either black or white.

3. What color is your wardrobe? This category was definitely the most stressful to finally get to a place where I could appreciate the colors based on overall appearance and how well they went with my skin tone. Firstly I started with simplifying and decluttering my entire closet which only took a few months (I will share more about this in a post on its own). The challenge with finding the perfect color combinations for my wardrobe were to first find my perfect style. To find my perfect style the one cue I had to work with was clothing that made me feel beautiful and comfortable. Once I had them all sorted out (and even bought a few new pieces to make up for clothes that I had to get rid of that didn’t compliment my style), I was able to zero in on the perfect color palette. I did this by;

– analyzing which colors complimented my skin.

I wanted my new wardrobe to be more feminine, hence I looked for softer colors (pink, purple, rose, pastels). It was also easy because these are some of my favorite colors too.

I was trying to create a capsule wardrobe so I needed colors that could easily be mixed and matched together for any occasions (black, white, grey).

By using my little checklist I found the perfect color palette for my wardrobe which makes my life so much easier. I find that now I never worry about my wardrobe or matching because literally I can mix and match anything and they would all look great together. I will share further details in another post of how exactly I achieved this.

4. What color is your bedroom/bathroom? Okay this is a huge one for me because I used to be so obsessed with decorating my bedroom and bathroom, and of course they both had to match. If my bedroom was pink my bathroom had to be the same color and vice versa. It seems simple enough but it was really stressful. Since I started decluttering and lessening my possessions I no longer feel the need to match my bedroom and bathroom. I don’t even feel the need to make it look over the top pretty anymore. I found it much easier to hone in on a color palette that worked for both my bedroom and bathroom by following point number 1. For things I wasn’t sure about I used my thumb rule: When in doubt, choose it in either black or white. This also includes my bathroom products, but I’m going to make a post about that later.

Final thoughts. 

These are the steps I took to make my life a little easier when it came to matching colors. I no longer obsess or worry about color palettes in any areas of my life because I know which ones work for me and which ones don’t. If I was to put this entire post into a simple formula you could use it would be:

fave color (s) + base colors (black/white/grey) = unstoppable simplified color palette 

I hope your able to find the inspiration to create your own perfect color combinations and make your life a little bit more simpler. I would also like to know if you too obsess about colors and matching like I do? Please feel free to share, your comments and thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you for reading and see you in my next post.

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