Minimalist basket

Hi friends! How’s it going? For a few weeks now I have been doing a minimalist practice I learned online. It’s about keeping a minimalist basket in my room where I can put things I no longer need or notice that I don’t love as much anymore. I was trying to figure out where I got this concept from because I follow so many amazing bloggers and creatives who share about minimalism. If the concept of a minimalist basket rings any bells please feel free to share so that I can credit it to the person.

Before I got my actual basket I was using old boxes to declutter the majority of my stuff. Now that I feel like I only have my essentials I thought it was safe to get a small basket from Walmart for those little things that make their way into the ‘not needed’ category. Since I got it I have put in two tunic tops that I thought I loved but I was looking at myself in the mirror and realized I don’t feel very beautiful wearing them, which is my criteria for wether to keep clothing or not. So far this method has helped me to declutter a lot of clothes I thought I needed.

At the moment I think I will only be ’emptying’ (donate) the contents of my basket at the end of each month since I don’t have that much stuff left to declutter anymore. Now that I feel content with my wardrobe and everything inside it I also don’t feel the need to shop anymore. And I think having my basket is also a reminder that instead of looking at more stuff to buy (which has now become rare) I should rather to look at stuff to donate or give away.

Final questions.

Again I just wanted to mention if you’ve heard the concept of a minimalist basket please let me know where you heard it from (apart from me). Also would you be open to getting one for yourself? How does the concept of having a minimalist basket sound to you? Please feel free to share, your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you for reading and see you in my next post!

21 thoughts on “Minimalist basket

  1. This is an interesting concept. Minimalism is a concept I find very intriguing, but I just can’t apply. Just ignore overflowing closet of clothes… My grandparents helped raised me; they lived through the Great Depression which shaped so much of their lives. I remember washing out ziplock bags, cutting mold off the bread and eating what was left. They saved EVERYTHING. Literally threw away 3 trash bags my grandfather had kept full of plastic grocery sacks after he passed.

    I remember when I inherited the house after their passing. It was such a relief tossing out all the stuff in the house. Then moving and taking only my “necessities” with me. But now I’m plagued with “if only I had kept __________”. Like I want a old holey blanket to seal off my balcony door…not have to buy anything.

    How do you deal with the regrets of throwing/donating things then needing them at a later date?

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    1. Wow I can’t imagine what that must have been like 😟 As for regrets I can honestly say I haven’t had any through this past year of getting rid of stuff. That’s because I analyze everything I plan on donating. How often do I use it? Do I love it? Is it something I absolutely need? You have to really think about it and I will write more about this in a future post.


  2. I love how this idea gets you thinking about how to remove items daily and how you genuinely feel about your items. I normally do a room change/reorganisation every 3-4 months and remove things, but this will be a daily reminder.

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  3. I do this as well in a milk crate in the closet, but I have never heard the term “minimalist basket.” I love having a place so accessible to place anything I come across during the day that I no longer need but it also isn’t just a pile in the corner.

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  4. I have a milk crate at the bottom of the closet that is just this, but I have never heard the term “minimalist basket” and I really like it. It is so nice knowing that you have a designated spot for all the things you don’t need anymore that is accessible and it is amazing how often I find things to put in it.

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  5. Ooh, I really like this idea! I follow a similar idea. In the second closet, I have a “donate” box and hang clothes to take to consignment. I like that they’re out-of-sight until it’s time to get rid of them. Such a great idea!

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