Clearing out emotional clutter

Hi friends! How is your minimalism journey going? Yesterday I finished decluttering my living space and now I’m only left with the things that matter to me. Since then I thought, what’s next? I’ve gotten rid of all the physical junk but what about my mind? If you think about it there is a whole lot of mental clutter in our minds that serve no use to us and yet we still harbor these unwholesome feelings and emotions. I thought I would share the beginning of this journey with you.

The first step.

I feel like this part of my minimalism journey is going to be a little bit more complex because it’s the mind and you can’t physically see or touch your thoughts. I thought the best way to start with mental clutter is to write down all my feelings/emotions. Including painful memories or people who have hurt me in the past or present. The reason I think it’s important to write these things down is so that you can clearly see which areas you need to work on to declutter your mind.

The relationships.

From your list look at all the people you have written down that contribute to your unhappiness. If these relationships can be salvaged or are worth fixing I suggest finding a way to make peace with the person which will in turn bring harmony to your life. On the other hand if the relationship/friendship is toxic, I have personally decided to let go because it is more painful to hold on than to let go and be free.

The negative thoughts.

Now that you have all the people who you want in your life how about those negative thoughts and feelings that just randomly pop up every now and then? You know, the anxiety, sadness, worry, comparison, resentment, anger etc. I honestly think this point deserves a post of its own (which I will be sharing soon).

The mental diet.

This is probably the most important one. I read somewhere that we should watch what we mentally consume because it becomes a part of us. Things like the news, negative or violent tv, unwholesome music/reading materials etc. I have personally been working on this one for a while because I don’t watch tv that regularly anymore and when I do it’s always something that feeds my soul. I love watching Little House on The Prairie, it has so many lessons and inspires me to have a nice wholesome family of my own someday.

Final thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed my short introduction to mental clutter, I will be sharing more about it in the future. If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more about mental decluttering please let me know. I would also like to know how your minimalism journey is going? Feel free to share some tips or advice. Your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!

7 thoughts on “Clearing out emotional clutter

  1. I haven’t tried living minimalist. However, I do think decluttering one’s mind and addressing the relationships in one’s life is SO SO SO important. Thank you for reminding me how important it is we take care of the mental in the way of clutter as well as the physical!

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  2. I have drastically cut down what I consume in the media and have watched/read very little news in the last 8 years (since my first son was born – I think I became a bit more fragile once I was responsible for a life!). I think it’s really important to guard your mental space 🙂

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