Weekly phone decluttering practice


Hi friends! How is your day going? Today I would like to share a new minimalist practice I discovered from Instagram by my one of my favorite minimalist pages Annie Leroux | LA Minimalist 

Clear your phone. Clear your life.  

The practice is simply to clear all your messages, call logs and pictures to start a new week. Annie does this each week and has shared it on her Instagram. At first I thought it was a little bit extreme and I couldn’t do it because I formed an attachment to my messages, pictures etc. But when you really think about it you never go back to old messages, or calls (most of the time) they’re kind of just sitting there. When I first heard her talking about how she does this each week, it actually inspired me to try it out myself because I’ve been meaning to declutter my phone. And it’s not necessarily EVERYTHING you need to delete/get rid of as explained in the following points:

1. Call logs: To me the call logs are the easiest to delete because there’s no attachment to them and most of the people who call me are already saved to my phone. This one was easy for me, I cleared all my call logs including voicemail messages  which were just collecting dust in my phone archives.

2. Messages: This one was moderately difficult to declutter because some messages are really sentimental and it’s nice to go back to a select few and relive the moments. Something I do when it comes to sentimental messages I actually screenshot and send them to my email but until recently I realized I can store them with my regular pictures in a file. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Pictures: For this one she actually suggested using Google drive to save and backup your pictures that way they don’t have to use up so much space on your phone (and you can still keep your memories, what a relief right?) I am not familiar with storing pictures on Google drive so instead I decided to use the shoebox app. It has backed up all my pictures and is working just fine. This step made it so much easier to declutter because pictures are the most difficult to get rid of and they carry the most sentimental value.

In conclusion.

This was another thing I have learned in my minimalist journey and I thought it would be great to share with you. I would recommend you try it and even follow The LA Minimalist on Instagram. Your going to get so much information and inspiration about minimalism from her. To end this post I have a few questions? Do have anyone you follow on Instagram or WordPress who inspires you in your minimalist journey? Do you mind sharing them with me? Please feel free to share your thoughts they are always welcome here. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Weekly phone decluttering practice

  1. Great advice! I did this a few years ago (without really thinking about it as de-cluttering), and it is so freeing. The things I need and use are there, while the things I don’t are gone. Solid advice for all of us!

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