the benefits of living an uncluttered life


Hi friends! How is your minimalism journey going? Mine is definitely unraveling to be the best decision I ever made! I have managed to create a capsule wardrobe based on the things I love and these days it feels like I don’t need much to be happy. It is a really great feeling and wherever you are on your journey I hope your reaping the same rewards. Today I want to share with you my list of some of the benefits I have gotten from living an uncluttered life.

The list.

1. I have more time to create. Now that I have simplified my life and released the things that don’t contribute to my happiness, my mind feels free to create and generate ideas. Whereas before I would concentrate on the things that didn’t serve me, now my mind is focused on growth, simplicity and creativity.

2. Living space looks neat and organized. I have always had an obsession with organizing my stuff, I guess I just love how pretty everything looks when they are stacked neatly against each other. Now that I have less stuff to organize my living space looks much tidier and I like it that way.

3. More motivated to buy less stuff (money saver). Since I love how neat and uncluttered everything looks, if I see something pretty in the store or online I feel less inclined to include them to my belongings because I feel they will somehow distort the balance I have created. No more stuff unless absolutely necessary i.e groceries, toiletries etc.

4. It generally feels liberating. You literally feel like your not tied down to your stuff because you know that happiness lies in experiences more than material things (at least that’s what I’ve learned for myself).

Final thoughts.

I’m really glad I made the decision to live minimally. The journey is still on going and I plan on sharing it with you every step of the way. I would also like to know how your journey is going? Have you experienced any of the benefits I have mentioned? Please feel free to share, your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post!

mindful: intentional following on social media


Hi friends, how is it going? I have a question for you to start off this post, do you ever follow people on social media based on admiration/inspiration or is it out of pure obligation?

I found myself asking this question when I decided to declutter my social media. I wanted to only follow people who I genuinely enjoyed looking at their pictures and what they had to say. Because ultimately that is my goal for my social media, to have a place to share my creativity and to also have a place I can draw my inspiration from. It is nice to know that people enjoy what you post however it is even better to stick to your true self and also do the same for other pages you decide to follow. So I compiled a checklist of things to think about when I come across a page on Instagram to see if it is beneficial to my happiness and growth:

The checklist.

1. What do they post about? I like pages that post a lot of positive content, wether it be pictures or quotations. However, it would be very overwhelming to follow each and every one of those pages so I tend to narrow it down to a specific niche for example; self-improvement and minimalist pages (and even that can be narrowed down to a specific niche as well!).

2. How frequently do they post? Well as I was going through my follow list and deciding which pages I didn’t want to follow anymore I looked at how frequently they post content. I guess I never really thought about this in the beginning. I kind of just thought, “hey, this looks like a great page to follow, I’m going for it!” During the decluttering process I noticed a lot of them barely posted or even completely stopped for a few months! From now on I think I will stick to pages that post as frequently as 1 to 3 days between each post.

3. Does what they post line up with my values and beliefs? Sometimes all can be going well until one of your favorite pages reposts something really negative or disheartening. It’s not all the time maybe just a snippet every few weeks, but that is enough for me to reconsider my choice. I love pages that delight in spreading positive news and stories.

4. Do I feel inspired. This one question helped me to purge a lot of the pages I have followed in the past. I would like to feel inspired by the pages I follow because it helps me to be more creative which is the whole point of having my social media in the first place.

Final thoughts.

For now that is the end of my list. Do you practice any of the points I mentioned when considering to follow a page on social media? How do they make you feel? Can you add any more intentional actions a person can take to make their social media more of an inspirational haven? Please feel free to share, your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post!

inspiration: keep going your doing great

Hi friends! How is it going? I wanted to offer some encouragement incase your feeling a little overwhelmed, discouraged or under the weather.

Keep going your doing great.

Today I was feeling the effects of the oh-so common ‘writers block’ and instead of wallowing I decided to do things that I enjoyed not necessarily related to blogging. I decided I wanted some pie and tea so I had some. I decided to write a list of 10 things I was grateful for. I read a chapter from my favorite book. I listened to a narration of the first 22 chapters of the first book of the Bible. I talked to someone I love. I then proceeded to make a simple meal for dinner and just like that I was okay again. The title of this blog post is something we should always remember to say to ourselves when we’re feeling a little under the weather.

To end this post I just wanted to know how you uplift and encourage yourself, wether to spark inspiration or simply to lift up your mood. Please feel free to share your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you so much for reading, see you in my next post!

slow living: taking time out to do something creative

Hi friends! How is it going? I have a question for you. Do you ever feel like sometimes you never have the time or energy to do something creative? Like you’ve been wanting to try out a new recipe or diy project from Pinterest but the time just never seems to be there? And even when you do have time, all the momentum to actually do that thing has worn off so instead you opt to do something else?

Well I’ve  been there before and a lot of times.

I want to try so many new things with my blog but sometimes I just feel really demoralized, like what’s the point? I have to remind myself when I feel like there is no point that I’m doing this to express myself and to share fun ideas with you guys. When I feel demoralized to create something I have decided that taking a few days break to center my thoughts and remember why I started makes me feel revitalized and ready to create again. 

I have also noticed that writing whenever I feel like might also be contributing to the feelings of being demoralized because in all honesty sometimes I just write things hastily without really thinking if it’s absolutely necessary or beneficial to anyone who might read it. To counteract this I am going to try and set a day each week of when to post something. Right now I’m shooting for once a week and preferably on Mondays or Wednesday’s. There’s just something about those days that brings out the creative in me. I’m hoping the time frame between those days gives me more time to replenish my mind and create something worthwhile.

Final questions.

Is there a day(s) in the week that you prefer to create something or start a project? Or do you prefer to create when your heart tells you to? Please feel free to share, your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!

mindful: clearing out emotional clutter

Hi friends! How is your minimalism journey going? Yesterday I finished decluttering my living space and now I’m only left with the things that matter to me. Since then I thought, what’s next? I’ve gotten rid of all the physical junk but what about my mind? If you think about it there is a whole lot of mental clutter in our minds that serve no use to us and yet we still harbor these unwholesome feelings and emotions. I thought I would share the beginning of this journey with you.

The first step.

I feel like this part of my minimalism journey is going to be a little bit more complex because it’s the mind and you can’t physically see or touch your thoughts. I thought the best way to start with mental clutter is to write down all my feelings/emotions. Including painful memories or people who have hurt me in the past or present. The reason I think it’s important to write these things down is so that you can clearly see which areas you need to work on to declutter your mind.

The relationships.

From your list look at all the people you have written down that contribute to your unhappiness. If these relationships can be salvaged or are worth fixing I suggest finding a way to make peace with the person which will in turn bring harmony to your life. On the other hand if the relationship/friendship is toxic, I have personally decided to let go because it is more painful to hold on than to let go and be free.

The negative thoughts.

Now that you have all the people who you want in your life how about those negative thoughts and feelings that just randomly pop up every now and then? You know, the anxiety, sadness, worry, comparison, resentment, anger etc. I honestly think this point deserves a post of its own (which I will be sharing soon).

The mental diet.

This is probably the most important one. I read somewhere that we should watch what we mentally consume because it becomes a part of us. Things like the news, negative or violent tv, unwholesome music/reading materials etc. I have personally been working on this one for a while because I don’t watch tv that regularly anymore and when I do it’s always something that feeds my soul. I love watching Little House on The Prairie, it has so many lessons and inspires me to have a nice wholesome family of my own someday.

Final thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed my short introduction to mental clutter, I will be sharing more about it in the future. If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more about mental decluttering please let me know. I would also like to know how your minimalism journey is going? Feel free to share some tips or advice. Your thoughts are always welcome here. Thank you for reading, see you in my next post!